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Getting around by bicycle

Go cycling

Go cycling

A bicycle is a great way to get around Nova Scotia.

Because of the relatively low population, all but the main highways tend to be quiet and fine for cycling.

You can do it yourself or join an organized bicycle tours if you don’t want to go independently.

Among the highlights:

Consider the weather. You’ll have the best conditions between June and September. Spring cycling can be marked by chilly mornings and evenings, rain and even snow as late as May. Summer temperatures fade sharply by mid-September, although autumn cycling does offer fantastic views as the trees change colour.

Traffic is fairly laid back and courteous compared to many places in the world but you’ll still need to follow the rules of the road. That means pulling over if you’re holding up traffic. You’ll need a bell or horn and you must wear a helmet. If you’re cycling at night or in poor weather, you should have lights and reflectors.

Wild camping isn’t legally allowed in Nova Scotia, although if you’re discreet enough, don’t trespass and use low-impact camping techniques, you’re unlikely to be bothered. Happily, there are also many provincial and national parks as well as a wealth of private campsites so you shouldn’t need to free camp very often.

You can find more information on cycling in Nova Scotia on Bicycle Nova Scotia – a website that lists various clubs and activities in the province.