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Go kayaking in Kejimikujik National Park(©syd and saskia, flickr.com)

Go kayaking in Kejimikujik National Park

Wondering how to plan your time in Nova Scotia? Here are some tips for making the most of a do-it-yourself tour of our province. There’s plenty to fill a few days, a week, 14 days or longer.

  • Start in Halifax
    The capital city is the best place to begin your visit, with plenty to see and do, including a range of city tours, restaurants and hotels to choose from.

From Halifax, head out to explore the rest of Nova Scotia. If you have…

  • 5 days
    Don’t wander too far. There’s plenty to see close to Halifax. Combining the fishing villages of the South Shore with the pastoral Annapolis Valley is a fine idea. More…
  • 7 days
    Explore as far afield as Cape Breton and the glorious Cabot Trail, Southern Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy or the Annapolis Valley. Generally you should stick to one of these areas but it’s easy to combine the South Shore and the Annapolis Valley or tidal bore rafting on the Bay of Fundy with a trip to Cape Breton. More…
  • Two weeks
    This is a good amount of time to see many of Nova Scotia’s main sights, although if you’d like to linger in a few places then it’s still best to focus on either the southern half or the northern half of the province. More…