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On our bikes

On our bikes

Hello and thanks very much for visiting our Nova Scotia travel guide.

Wondering who’s behind the site?

We’re Andrew & Friedel – a husband and wife team. Friedel grew up in Truro and Andrew hails from Sackville, New Brunswick.

We’ve always loved to travel so after we married in 2003, we set off to see the world on bicycles. Yes, bicycles. While we were ‘out there’ pedalling around, we started to develop practical resources for cyclists and then we realised that something similar was needed for our home, Nova Scotia.

Our guide to Nova Scotia is about giving you honest advice on what to see and do. If we recommend a hotel or a scenic drive, it’s because we like it, not because someone paid us to say something nice.

We hope to expand these pages when we get home, with even more practical travel information.

The format is designed to be simple and easy-to-use, without annoying flashing ads, pop ups, pop unders, pop overs or anything else that makes your face turn red with anger.

If you enjoy our site, please support the businesses that support us. They make this guide possible and help us to keep expanding it.

Send us your comments too. We want to hear all of your thoughts on the site and all about your travels around Nova Scotia.

Finally, we’d just like to say Cead Mille FailteOne hundred thousand welcomes to Nova Scotia!