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Getting to Nova Scotia

The ferry between PEI and Nova Scotia. It will take cars as well as bikes and pedestrians.(©msanseve, flickr.com)

The ferry between PEI and Nova Scotia. It will take cars as well as bikes and pedestrians.

There are many ways to reach Nova Scotia.

If you’re coming from overseas or the west coast of North America, you’re likely to arrive by plane. All international flights arrive at Stanfield International Airport, a 30 minute drive from the capital city, Halifax. More…

There is another airport in Sydney, the biggest city on Cape Breton Island, but you’re unlikely to use it, unless you’re flying in from one of the nearby regional centres in New Brunswick, Newfoundland or on Prince Edward Island.

Arriving by road is another popular way to arrive in Nova Scotia and Highway 2 from New Brunswick is the main point of entry. More…

Because Nova Scotia is surrounded by water, over 100 cruise ships arrive in Halifax Harbour each year and many ferries also serve the province. You can get the:

All of these ferries will take cars, RVs and motorbikes as well as bicycles and foot passengers.

However you arrive, remember to book your plane tickets, ferry tickets and car rental well ahead of time during the peak summer season.

Don’t worry about booking ahead so much in the winter (unless you’re visiting around a public holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas) but you will need to allow for weather-related travel delays anytime between November and April.