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Rules of the Road

You can turn right on a red light in Nova Scotia.(©bruce ley, flickr.com)

You can turn right on a red light in Nova Scotia.

Make sure to follow the rules when driving around Nova Scotia. You don’t want a fine to ruin your vacation!

Nova Scotians drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Kilometers are used for speed limit and distance signs. Don’t get confused with miles or you’re likely to end up with a speeding ticket – at least $100 or $330 if you’re caught going too fast in a school zone.

Most highways have a speed limit of 100km per hour (about 60 miles per hour). Secondary roads may have a speed limit of 80km an hour. In towns, you shouldn’t go faster than 50km an hour.

Radar detectors are illegal in Nova Scotia but on the plus side, you can turn right on a red light, as long as it’s safe to do so and not prohibited by special signs in occasional places.

You must wear a seat belt or a helmet if you’re travelling by motorcycle or bicycle and you’ll need to provide a child seat for kids under 9 years old or less than 145cm tall.

Don’t litter. If you’re caught throwing something out of your car window, it could cost you over $300.