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Tidal Bore Rafting

Riding the waves of the tidal bore is fun but wet!(©Mrs Hilksom, flickr.com)

Riding the waves of the tidal bore is fun but wet!

The world’s highest tides have given rise to tidal bore rafting, a homegrown sport that’s wet, wild and not found anywhere else in the world except Nova Scotia.

It involves travelling to Maitland, a small community between Wolfville and Truro, and jumping into a Zodiac boat, with a guide and 6-8 other tourists.

Together you ride up the Shubenacadie River to meet the incoming tidal bore – a surge of water that starts as a ripple and then develops into a series of waves and rapids, sending the river’s normal flow into reverse at 40-50km an hour.

Before you know it, you’re white water rafting on the world’s highest tides! It’s one of the most unique, memorable things you can do in Nova Scotia and definitely worth the $60-70 cost per adult.

As Mother Nature’s theme park calms down, your guides will often take the chance to go a bit further upstream, pointing out local wildlife and geological features. Some tour packages include a barbecue and the use of showers afterwards. Tours last anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Useful tips to bear in mind:

  • Reserve in advance. It’s a deservedly popular activity, especially in the peak summer season and times are limited to when the tide rolls in.
  • Bring a change of clothes as you’re virtually guaranteed to get wet. Old clothes are better because the muddy waters of the Bay of Fundy can stain your clothing.
  • Leave valuables like wedding rings, watches and cameras behind (unless they’re waterproof).
  • Check the moon phases. The tidal bore will be lower at new moon and better for young children or those of tamer dispositions.

Operators to contact include:

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