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Delicious fish 'n' chips(©kayte thinks, flickr.com)

Delicious fish and chips

Sampling the seafood is a highlight of any visit to Nova Scotia and lobster is one of the most cherished foods from the ocean.

Try this tasty crustacean boiled on the beach until it’s bright red or in a fine restaurant. You can take a tour to catch one yourself.

If you’re here in June, check out the Shelburne County Lobster Festival. Whichever way you choose to taste lobster, just make you don’t leave without savouring it at least once. It might take several feeds to master the art of eating lobster!

Scallops are another unmissable treat. The scallops from Digby are so famous, the town even has a Scallop Days celebration in August.

Don’t forget fish ‘n’ chips. One of my favourite childhood memories is of getting a take-away order and then eating the steaming hot supper at a high lookout point in Halifax, watching ships come in and out of the harbour.

You might also see dulse on sale around the province – a type of seaweed, rich in vitamins B6 and B12 as well as iron. Although the dulse is harvested from the salty ocean, it’s low in sodium. Eat it ‘as is’ for a snack.

One of the best informal ways to sample Nova Scotia’s cuisine and meet the locals at the same time is at a weekend farmer’s market. You might find someone boiling corn on the cob, selling grilled sausages with sauerkraut or serving up a creamy dish of Hodgepodge.

Keep an eye out too for one of the hundreds of community suppers every summer, many benefiting local charities.

The food served tends to follow the seasons so in June and July you might stumble upon a chicken BBQ with potato salad or a feast focused on fruits like cherries and strawberries. As fall closes in, corned beef and cabbage or a hot turkey supper could be on the menu.

Deserts are a delight. You’ll find many types of pies on offer or try a dish of blueberry grunt, topped with ice cream. Nova Scotia is one of the world’s largest blueberry growing regions.