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Long Island

A narrow strip of land edging out into the Bay of Fundy, Long Island’s claim to fame is Balancing Rock – a 7 meter high column of basalt, precariously perched on its tip next to the waters and crashing waves of Saint Mary’s Bay.

Tiverton is first settlement on Long Island as you come off the ferry from Digby Neck. Tourists can quickly outnumber the fishing village’s 300 residents, who mostly make their living from catching lobster and running whale watching tours.

Head straight to the Island Museum, where you’ll find the tourist bureau, internet access and the start of the 4km round-trip trail to Balancing Rock. The tourist office should be open during the peak summer season but it’s never a bad idea to pick up information in Digby before setting out.

Central Grove Provincial Park is, as its name suggests, in the middle of Long Island. It’s a good spot for picnics and there are hiking trails from here out to the shore along the Bay of Fundy. Nearby, the simple Baptist church is a real relic from the past, with a pump organ and kerosene lamps for light.

Freeport is at the southern end of Long Island. Ferries leave from here for Brier Island.

There are B&Bs in both Freeport and Tiverton.