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Cape Sable

Cape Sable

July is one of the best times to visit Nova Scotia.

Summer is in full swing. All the tourist attractions are now open and there are festivals around every corner.

One of the best is the arrival of 40-50 majestic sailing ships at ports around the province. See the Tall Ships Festival website for more information.

Also check out the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo, a display of international music and dancing, the Stan Rogers Folk Music Festival and Privateer Days in Liverpool, to name just three events.

The weather is finally nice enough to enjoy a swim at the beach, especially in the warm waters around Tatamagouche.

Expect daily highs around 20-25°C and plenty of sun, especially inland, with just the occasional spot of rain.

Canada Day on July 1st is by far the biggest event of the month. Nearly every town holds activities like barbecues, amusement fairs and face painting for kids. Often there’s a parade, followed by fireworks in the evening.

Parks, beaches and campgrounds will be packed around Canada Day. Shops will be closed too so get any food you need the day before.