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Fall colours fade in November

Fall colours fade in November

November is a quiet time to visit Nova Scotia.

Fall colours have usually faded and the cold weather starts to move in, with night temperatures at or below freezing.

There’s more rain in November than in almost any other month and usually a bit of snow too. Pack warm, waterproof clothing and plan a few indoor activities like visiting a museum.

Christmas craft fairs start to appear, a nice substitute for the more traditional tourist attractions, which tend to be closed for the season.

The Christmas at the Forum craft fair in Halifax has been running for over 30 years and attracts thousands of visitors. In Truro, the Zonta Craft Fair is also very popular. Both are held in early November.

Remembrance Day on November 11 marks the end of World War I. Some shops and all government offices will be closed to mark the occasion. Ceremonies are held in every town as the clock approaches 11am.