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Getting around by Train

A VIA rail train in Nova Scotia(©wdrwilson, flickr.com)

A VIA rail train in Nova Scotia

There are limited opportunities to take the train in Nova Scotia.

VIA Rail is the only public operator, with a daily service that stops at Halifax, Truro, Springhill and Amherst.

One train a day runs in each direction. From Halifax, The Ocean train leaves at 12:35pm, bound for points in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Going in the other direction, the train departs Amherst at 13:02pm, heading to Halifax.

With such a restricted service, you might wonder if it’s worth taking the train at all.

There’s no doubt that rail travel is relaxing, with more space to stretch your legs than on a bus. There’s also a restaurant car on VIA trains.

If you can make the schedule fit, the train is a good choice. Otherwise, take the bus.

Telephone: 1-888-842-7245
Mail: P.O. Box. 8116, Station “A”, Montréal (Québec), H3C 3N3
Website: VIA Rail

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