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Melmerby Beach

The water is warm. Come on in for a swim! (© pmorgan, flickr.com)

The water is warm. Come on in for a swim!

Melmerby Beach is one of the best and most popular beaches in Nova Scotia, with some of the warmest waters north of the Carolinas.

Known as ‘the Merb’ for short, boardwalks lead from the parking area, over the dunes to a 2km strip of sand. There are lifeguards on hand plus changing rooms, toilets and showers nearby. Everything is free to enjoy.

There are actually two sides to Melmerby Beach, the main outer beach with the best sand and swimming, and a small inner beach which is less scenic but with incredibly warm water.

On a hot summer’s day, Melmerby Beach can get very crowded but make the effort to walk to one of its far ends and things thin out a bit. There is a canteen where you can get fast food but many families also bring a cool box with sandwiches and cold drinks.

The park is officially open from mid-June to mid-October but you can go for a walk along the ocean anytime.