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the tiny village of Denmark is barely a dot on the map but there are two worthy reasons to make the detour here from Tatamagouche.

Many people are drawn to the home cured meats and mouth-watering meals at The Pork Shop – a German meat shop, deli and restaurant – while others come to see the Sutherland Steam Mill.

The saw mill was built by Alexander Sutherland in 1894 and ran for almost 70 years, making everything from carriages to gingerbread trimming for local homes.

You can see how the mill works – much of the original machinery is still in place – and check out the copper bathtub. It was used to soak shingles during the week and on the weekends it the workers used it to take their Saturday night baths.

Opening Hours: June 1 to October 15, 9:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday. Sundays, 1pm to 5:30pm.
Directions: The mill is on Route 326, about 15km east of Tatamagouche.