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Advocate Harbour

Cape d'Or

Cape d'Or

Advocate Harbour is one of Nova Scotia’s most picturesque fishing villages.

The water in the tiny harbour dries completely at low tide, leaving boats stranded on the mud flats.

It’s a scene that’s pictured on many a postcard in Nova Scotia.

The beach is also hard to forget. All along its cobbled shores, the driftwood piles high, creating a natural barrier between the muddy Bay of Fundy waters and the salt marshes of Advocate.

Where to stay
Although you could pass through Advocate fairly quickly, stopping just for a short stroll and a few photos, many people like to come here for a peaceful getaway. The Driftwood Park Retreat, a series of cottages set on the shoreline, and the Advocate Harbour B&B (with just one guestroom) are both tranquil choices.

Camping is also an option, either at the waterfront Old Shipyard Beach Campground, just outside Advocate Harbour.

What to see
Nearby is Cape Chignecto Provincial Park and Cape d’Or with its unique lighthouse – the only place in Nova Scotia where you can sleep in a cottage that belonged to the lightkeeper of the lighthouse.